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Vision and Mission Our Relationships Financial Strengths

Vision and Mission

Arcadia’s vision is to be a leading and loyal multinational energy company group. Our mission is to:

  • Focus on core businesses in the energy market where we have business knowledge, experience, strong relationships and key assets;
  • Provide value-added services to our customers;
  • Conduct our business with integrity and professionalism;
  • Contribute a balanced risk reward return for stakeholders.

Our Relationships

Our people and good relations with customers, employees, stakeholders and supporters are critical to our achievements to date and are key to our success in the future. Customer Relationships – Arcadia values long-standing relationships and since its inception in 1988 has maintained strong relationships with customers, national oil companies, shipping companies and service providers. Arcadia’s customers range from equity producers, major energy companies, state oil companies, refiners, traders, oil end users, shipping companies and related service providers and financials supporters.

Financial Strengths

Arcadia enjoys the financial stability provided by stakeholders and leading financial institutions with whom it has well-established relationships globally.